Tuesday, August 4, 2020

Announcing Team Heart Pumping Heart Challenge!

Team Heart Pumping Heart Challenge


Like everyone, Team Heart faces challenges and a new reality due to COVID. In light of these obstacles, we remain committed to our mission and work in Rwanda.  Our team is dedicated and works hard to bring awareness and address the burden of rheumatic heart disease. Each year with your help, we travel to provide direct care to save the lives of young teens, screen for disease and strengthen the health care system in Rwanda.


Today we are launching our first annual Team Heart Pumping Heart Challenge, a virtual event taking place September 22-29 encouraging individuals to run, walk, cycle, swim, hike - do what it takes to pump your heart while raising funds to support Team Heart. In the weeks leading up to the event, we will illustrate the benefits that exercise brings to heart health, spotlight Team Heart Heroes and showcase how dollars raised directly impact our organization.  The Challenge culminates with World Heart Day at the end of September.


Rheumatic heart disease (RHD), is a condition that develops when strep throat is left untreated. Across the globe, RHD takes the lives of 233,000 people every year. That is 638 preventable deaths per day.  In a country of 12.3 million, it’s estimated that 30,000 Rwandans have rheumatic heart disease.  Each year, nearly three dozen Team Heart volunteers - including cardiac surgeons, anesthesiologists, pharmacists, nurses and perfusionists - travel to Rwanda to perform screenings, heart operations and workshops with local Rwandan medical staff.


We invite you to join our team today to help us with our goal to raise $30,000 and help fight rheumatic heart disease and bring sustainable cardiac care to Rwanda. Register for the Pumping Heart Challenge at Teamheart.org and start fundraising now.  


Registered participants receive a T-shirt, activity on our Team fundraising page and have the chance to win special Pumping Heart Challenge prizes including an Adrien Niyonshuti Cycling Academy Jersey from the Rwandan Cycling team, an organic spa gift set, from Silver Moon Shoppe, American Express gift card, as well as a custom bakery package from Boston-based The Cake Patch Bakery, who ships across the US.


Every dollar raised is used towards patient care, accessible cardiac care, education and awareness, and advocacy and poverty reduction initiatives.  For example:

  • $160 will fund an emergency package including rent, medication and food for 3 months for one patient;

  • $250 will publish 100 coloring books for prevention and education;

  • $350 will pay for the follow-up, medication, and testing for one patient for one year;

  • $500 will fund the "Support for Congenital Heart and Patient Network" for one year


Get ready to pump your heart the week of September 22 – 29 in honor of World Heart Day and to save lives in Rwanda. Register today!


We are one TEAM!

Sunday, August 2, 2020

Celebrating A Birthday From Across the World!

Mary Louise Parker, Team Heart Ambassador for Prevention of Rheumatic Heart Disease (RHD)  celebrates her birthday today in New York City with good wishes from the team and some very special people from Rwanda. Across the miles, TH patients sang Happy Birthday in thanks for the awareness to increase knowledge of the risk of RHD and the importance of heart health.  Photographed here with 2019 patient,  Louise as they celebrated in February 2020, one year anniversary following  Louise's life-saving cardiac surgery.